Commentaire de Affje Health – should be very easy to kill him. I’m not sure if this is true or not but just so people know they have a very small window of time to find and kill him. Commentaire de barda24 I dont have experience with hunting rare mobs The last time I had seen Vyragosa before this was about a day ago. I found him at 33,65 when I was herbing. Commentaire de Luubbe Unfortunately I found Vyragosa and not time-lost on the cords

Nom: addon proto drake perdu dans le temps
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Commentaire de xedwinx so if i wanted to spam target which one is correct, time-lost proto drake or time-lost proto-drake? If this is the case, I would strongly advise not doing that quest chain if you want this mount. I’ve been trying to set something like that up for about a week, thanks psrdu advance. Commentaire de funnyshane Found a previously unmarked location for this mob. Commentaire de hasonquin You may want to add the coordinate 46,

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addon proto drake perdu dans le temps

It was flying towards Valkyrion from the south just outside the gate. Commentaire de arawyn1 Damn. Je sais pas ce qui est plus grand, la rareté de la monture ou l’amertume de l’avoir vu passé dra,e mes yeux bon dzns de fois! You should be able to figure out how it works. Commentaire de alfahane Ok Ive been farming this for 2 weeks now.

I haven’t seen any evidence of this myself, just a thought while camping the spawn. Reste à savoir si c’est script sur légion, j’ai tjrs pas eu de Mj sur le word. Commentaire de SirCheese Just wondering would a level 78 or 79 be able to loot the mount? Affix, Front de guerre et World Boss du 16 au 22 janvier! It began to pat pfoto to the west prot over the harpies heading toward the engine of the makers. Commentaire de Frostmanemoo Vyragosa killed at 46,62 caught him at 48,62 at 4: Or does his timer start as soon as the server is back up?


BS I contacted Gm yesterday to talk about the drake and they cant answer anything about the mob Share spawntime, Spawn point, Multiple spawns, or path. Après avoir passé plusieurs mois dans les Pics Foudroyés et avoir croisé quelques protos et des dizaines de Vyragosa j’ai remarquer un chose interessante.

Upon coming home and checking the macro to see if the reigns have been dropped, low and behold he appeared and someone bagged him peerdu I was gone right where I was camped.

WoW – Guide monture – Le Proto-drake perdu dans le temps

Car vous pouvez être sur, que si vous mourez, quelqu’un d’autre, le tuera à votre place. Draie de Xeneron Been looking for this guy on and off for about a week. For the last week or so I decided to stay at this position and this position only! When I fly over that area, all of the Stormpeak Wyrm’s disappear. It was a pain staking process to say the least.

Proto-drake perdu dans le temps – PNJ – World of Warcraft

Commentaire de Maha Some brain is idd need to loot the drake. Commentaire de Shoji Rrake guys, this is the information I’ve found so far. None of us – for five days, and one friend has been farming two days before I started – have seen any bodies, or the drakes Vyragosa, Time-Lost themselves on my server. Don’t try what my brother did, moonfire and drop to your death.


World of Warcraft – Guide pour farmer et tuer le Proto-Drake perdu dans le temps !

Commentaire de Numsu Dirkee is not linked with this rare spawn, he just spawns on the same area. Xans been marking all the mentioned locations and i’m flying back and forth every single day. Earlier I’d killed Dirkee, by about 4 hours. Commentaire de Starkiller7 Ok i don’t know about all the information here, i’m temos to base mine from experience.

I’m running the drake away from the shaman while silenced spamming my moonfire loldruid hoping the damn silence would END! I’m not taking it as being true, but from what I’ve read, there may be a connection. Not sure how spawn rotation is going anymore, just going to have to keep farming, just thought I would throw it out there. Do you need to have the zone shiftet to Tsmps of Hodir in order to find the spawn? I feel as though his spawn is seperate and random from the other rares in the area.

addon proto drake perdu dans le temps

I do not usually post here, but to disparage remarks of the quality above I would ask you consider a few points. To everyone who is planning on going out and look for it – good luck, you will need it.